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It is 5:07 PM Sunday evening in the ongoing death flow. I just realized I had not written anything in my online diaries today. Time got away from me. This afternoon Carol and I left the house to go for a walk and did not get home till 4 o'clock PM. When I came home I put away my paper diary and read. While I was reading I fell asleep and then I woke myself up because it was too late in the day to take a nap.

Carol will soon be leaving for Covenant PCA. While she is gone I will sit and probably dozed.

It has been a very long day it seems to me. The days seem long and yet time disappears quickly. Tomorrow is already the last day of August 2020. Soon Autumn will be here and Summer 2020 will be history.

This morning I was up around 7 o'clock AM. I do not know what time Carol had gotten up. These days she is usually up around 5 o'clock AM.

I spent the morning reading the Bible and writing in my paper diary. While Carol was at church this morning I filmed a video for my Youtube channel. Carol got home from church around Noontime. We had lunch and soon afterwards we left to for a walk at Hawthorne Pond Nature Area and then for a walk at Upper Macatawa Natural Area. On the way home from our walk we stopped and got a ice cream sundae. So has gone by this day. I am tired and plan to go to bed early tonight.

This afternoon I have been mainly reading from a book titled, 'Another Life: A Memoir of Other People' By Michael Korda. Do not know what I will read tonight if I can stay awake.

While we were out walking this afternoon I did take pictures.

Hawthorn Pond Natural Area

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