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Thrift Store Used Books Haul

It is 5:12 PM Saturday evening in the flow of decay. I am thinking of filming a video this evening show folks some of the recent used books I have found at local thrift stores this week and last week. I already filmed a video showing folks the used books we got on my birthday, which was August 14, 2020. I want to list the used books so I can paste this list below a video if and when I film it/either tonight or tomorrow morning while Carol is at church Covenant PCA. If I film a video tonight it will be filmed in my main study. I am not sure if I will show in this video the NEW books I have recently purchased from online booksellers.

'Strange Pilgrims: Stories' By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

'Deep Play' non-fiction by Diane Ackerman

'Snowleg' a novel by Nicholas Shakespeare

'Maeve Brennan Homesick at The New Yorker' biography by Angela Brurke

'Paula Spencer' A Novel By Roddy Doyle

'The Poor Man's Guide To Affordable Painless Suicide: Stories' by Shuler Benson

'Yonder Stands Your Orphan' a novel by Barry Hannah

'Bible' KJV

'Bad Behavior' Stories by Mary Gaitskill

'Cathedral' Stories by Raymond Carver

'Landor's Tower or The Imaginary Conversations' Nonfiction by Iain Sinclair

'Thames: The Biography' by Peter Ackroyd

'Look at the Dark' A Novel by Nicholas Mosley

'Another Life' A Memoir of Other People by Michael Korda

The NEW books I have recently received are these-

'Dostoyevsky Reads Hegel In Siberia And Bursts Into Tears' essays by Laszlo F. Follenyi Translated from the Hungarian by Ottilie Mulzet.

'Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming' A Novel by Laszlo Krasznahorkai Translated from the Hungarian by Ottilie Mulze

'Cauliflower' A Novel by Nicola Barker

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