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It is 1:11 PM Wednesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is another hot day. We have the house closed up and the air conditioner running.

Carol just left to have lunch with a friend. This afternoon I have been writing in my paper diary and reading from a book titled, 'Boswell's Presumptuous Task: The Making Of The Life Of Dr. Johnson' by Adam Sisman.

This morning both Carol and I got up around 6:20 AM. When I got up I got a bottle of cold water and sat in the living room seeking to wake up to a new day. After I woke up I made a fresh pot of coffee and wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my diary I read the Bible/The Book of Genesis till 11 o'clock AM. I dozed for awhile and then woke up to write some more in my paper diary and to read 'Boswell's Presumptuous Task'. So has gone by the day thus far.

Last night Carol got home from her Woman's Book Club meeting around 9:30 PM. She went to bed around 10 o'clock PM. I stayed up and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Samuel Johnson and the Life of Writing' by Paul Fussell. I went to bed around 11:30 PM. Now it is another day.

While Carol was gone last night to her Woman's Book Club I filmed a video for my Youtube channel.

There is not much else to report this afternoon. Carol baked a blueberry pie this morning. This evening Caleb, Emily, Josie, Cora and Emily's mother Vickie are coming over for pie and ice cream. We had face time on Carol's phone yesterday evening with Josiah and Marika.

I will close to see what will come in the mail.


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