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the ancient luxury of a dish of peacock brains

It is 1:45 PM Sunday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is another hot wet day. It rained this afternoon for a short space of time. We need a couple days of solid rain. A good long drench of rain on the dry earth.

I have had a normal day thus far. I got up this morning around 7:05 AM. When I got up Carol was getting ready to go for her morning walk. My wife has terrible arthritis in her knees, but she keeps walking in regardless of the pain.

When I got up I got myself a bottle of cold water and sat in the living room to wake up to a new week. I think this is the last full week of August 2020. Labor Day is coming up soon.

After I woke up I messed with our main computer and then cooked myself food for breakfast. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and read some more of The Book of Genesis/Old Testament. I read Genesis and then I read till lunch time from a book titled, 'The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction To The New Testament' by G. K. Beale & Benjamin L. Gladd.

Carol is resting and I have been reading from a book titled, 'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Boswell. Amazon delivered a book I had ordered this afternoon titled, 'A Woman Looking At Men Looking At Women: Essays on Art, Sex, and the Mind' by Siri Hustvedt.

Last night I read 'Memories of the Future' a novel by Siri Hustvedt and went to bed around 10:15 PM. Now it is another day. This evening Carol and I plan to go down the street and have dinner with our oldest son Caleb and his family. We can't stay long after we have supper because Carol goes to church in the evening hours. This morning she went to church and was home around 11:22 AM. Most churches are closed, but Carol's church has two services on Sunday, morning and evening services. People wear masks and keep social distancing while worshiping.

I will close to drift and read my books. Existence keeps disappearing.

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