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books, books, & Moby-Dick

books, books, & Moby-Dick

'Samuel Johnson: A Biography' By Peter Martin

'Dr Johnson & Mr Savage' biography By Richard Holmes

'A Wicked Company: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment' By Philipp Blom

'Hunters In The Dark' A Novel By Lawrence Osborne

'The Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton' a biography By Fawn M. Brodie

'G. H. Lewes: A Life' By Rosemary Ashton

'George Eliot: A Life' By Rosemary Ashton

'Moby-Dick, or The Whale' A Novel By Herman Melville

'Why Read Moby-Dick?' By Nathaniel Philbrick

'In the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story That Inspirited Moby-Dick' By Nathaniel Philbrick

'Revenge of the Whale: The True Story Of The Whaleship Essex' By Nathaniel Philbrick

'Melville: His World and Work' biography By Andrew Delbranco

'Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America' By Eric Jay Dolin

'Dissident Gardens' A Novel By Jonathan Lethem (I had a paperback, Carol found me a nice hardback edition in perfect condition)

'The War Memoirs of Charles de Gaulle: Unity 1942-1944'

'The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler's Germany 1941-1945' By Michael Beschloss

'The Closed Circle' A Novel By Jonathan Coe (I had a paperback of this novel, the edition Carol found is a hardback in perfect condition)

'For Your Eye Alone: The Letters of Robertson Davies' Robertson Davies Edited By Judith Skelton Grant (this edition is a nice hardback edition, the edition I had was a paperback)

'Chronic City' A Novel By Jonathan Lethem hardback edition with dust jacket (the edition I had was a hardback but no dust jacket)

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