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to a higher state of ethical perfection

It is the end of the month and I have to put away my July 2020 Paper Diary this evening. Before I do I want to type out some notes written to explain one of the main themes in the biography 'The Life of Samuel Johnson' by James Boswell. I have read thus far 288 pages of this famous biography on the life of Samuel Johnson and I see Boswell constantly setting forth Samuel Johnson's Christian piety/an example of "a higher state of ethical perfection" pg. 288.

In 1773, when he was sixty-four and a mass of infirmities, Bowell persuaded him to take a tour of the Scottish Highlands and the primitive Hebridean islands pg. 32

Because of his lifetime terror of extinction and his torments about the likelihood of his own damnation, the story of his last days, when he was suffering from acute dropsy and emphysema, makes unhappy reading pg. 33

he lamented that his practice of its duties fell short of what it ought to be pg. 43

In 1750 he came forth in the character for which he was eminently qualified, a majestic teacher of moral and religious wisdom pg. 112

prayer pg 113

Samuel Johnson flow of language pg. 114

The Ramber pg 119

The Ramber furnishes such assemblage of discourses on practical religion and moral duty, of critical investigations, and allegorical and oriental tales pg. 120

The Christian religion has very strong evidence pg 211

Sir, I think all Christians, whether Papists or Protestants, agree in the essential articles, and that their differences are trival, and rather political than religious pg. 215

Talking of these who denied the truth of Christianity pg. 226

He advised me, when abroad to be as much as I could with the Professors in the Universities, and the Clergy pg. 228

He recommended to me to keep a journal of my life, full and unreserved pg. 229

Johnson himself was, in a dignified manner, A Methodist. In his Rambler 110, he mentions with respect 'the whole discipline of regulated piety pg. 241

and when I was moving about, to read diligently the great book of mankind pg.244

recommend yourself to the protection of your CREATOR and REDEEMER pg.248

GOOD FRIDAY April 20, 1764 prayer pg. 253

The strictness of his self-examination and scrupulous Christian humility pg. 256

1765-This year was distinguished by his being introduced into the family of Mr. Thrale, one of the most eminent brewers in England pg. 257

To consider the act of prayer as a reposal of myself upon God, and a resignation of all into his holy hand pg. 261

read page 266 Samuel Johnson's views on the writings of Rousseau and Wilkes

read page 267 Boswell's admiration for Samuel Johnson

page 277 letter translating the Bible into other languages the propagation of Christian knowledge

page 285 Samuel Johnson prayer

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