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The History of Memory

It is 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon here by Lake Michigan. It is another scorching hot day. We once again need rain to fall from the skies.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. I know someday I won't be getting up. So I got up to find Carol reading her ESV Bible. I got myself a glass of cold water and sat in my chain in the living room to slowly wake up to another day of my Life. Next month I have my 68th birthday. Life has gone by so fast! After I woke up I made a fresh pot of coffee and wrote in my paper diary. Carol left for a walk around the neighborhood.

I spent the morning hours reading my books on Samuel Johnson and writing in my paper diary. Carol went to Covenant PCA around 10 o'clock AM and got home around 11:45 PM. Now it is 1:06 PM Sunday afternoon.

Amazon did deliver this morning a book I had ordered titled, 'The Quest For Corvo: An Experiment In Biography' By A.J.A. Symons. Yesterday I received two used books in the mail, 'Samuel Johnson and the Life of Writing' biography by Paul Fussell and 'Designing the Life of Johnson' by Bruce Redford. I have been reading the last two days from these two books, 'Samuel Johnson and the Life of Writing' and 'Designing the Life of Johnson'.

Last night I read late into the night from Fussell's book 'Samuel Johnson and the Life of Writing'. Now it is the beginning of the last week of July 2020.

I have nothing to do the rest of the day, but wait it out. I will close to drift. There is no way out.

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