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a large used books haul

'The World Within The Word' essays by William H. Gass

'Master of the Cross Roads' historical fiction by Madison Smartt Bell

'Victoria' biography by Stanley Weintraub

'Cheating At Canasta: Stories; by William Trevor

'Ordinary Thunderstorms' a novel by William Boyd

'Perfect Recall: New Stories' by Ann Beattie

'The Fifth Child' a novel by Doris Lessing

'The Big Crowd' a novel by Kevin Baker

'Going Solo' memoir by Roald Dahl

'Mapplethorpe' biography by Patricia Morrisroe

'Wellington: The Path To Victory, 1769-1814' biography by Rory Muir

'Tevye's Daughters' Short Stories by Sholom Aleichem Translated By Julius And Frances Butwin

'The Old Country' Short Stories by Sholom Aleichem Translated By Julius And Frances Butwin

'The Death Of King Arthur: The Immortal Legend' A retelling by Peter Ackroyd

'Something To Be Desired' a novel by Thomas McGuane

'Rage & Fire: A Life Of Louise Colet Pioneer Feminist, Literary Star Flaubert's Muse' biography by Francine Du Plessix Gray

'The Flame Trees Of Thika: Memories Of An African Childhood' The first illustrated edition of Elspeth Huxley's classic story

'Misia: The Life Of Misia Sert' biography by Arthur Gold & Robert Fizdale

'Uncrowned King: The Life Of Prince Albert' biography by Stanley Weintraub

'Hundred Days: The End of the Great War' World War I History By Nick Lloyd

'Answer to Job' By Carl Jung Translation By R.F.C. Hull

'Natural History' A Novel by Maureen Howard

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