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the final felicity of man consists only in the contemplation of God

It is 2:16 PM Friday afternoon. It has been thus far a normal day. Not much has gone on today. Just the usual stuff like writing in my paper diary and reading Calvin's 'Institutes'. The day just flows by like an old lazy river.

I got up this morning around 5:55 AM. I got up made a fresh pot of coffee and got myself a glass of cold water. I was up before Carol which is unusual. I sat in the living room with my eyes closed morning dreaming. Carol got up around 6:30 AM. I got myself a cup of coffee and then messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary. Carol left to go for a morning walk. When she got back from her walk we did yard work before it got too hot to be outside. When we were done working outside it was going on 10:30 AM. I ate breakfast and then left to do errands. On my errands I stopped at two local thrift stores to look at their used books. I found some used books, but nothing wonderful. I found these used books, I had some of these books already in our library.

'Hundred Days: The End of the Great War' World War I History By Nick Lloyd

'Answer to Job' By Carl Jung Translation By R.F.C. Hull

The two above used books I did not have in our book collection, these used books we had-

'The Flamingos Smile: Reflections in Natural History' essays By Stephen Jay Gould

'Natural History' A Novel by Maureen Howard

'Christian Theology: An Introduction' By Alister E. McGrath

When I got home from running around Carol was getting ready to leave to do errands. It was going on 11:30 AM when she left. I continued reading Calvin's 'Institutes'. So has gone by existence. Nothing exciting came in the mail today.

Last night I watched television and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Dr. Johnson & Mr. Savage' biography by Richard Holmes.

I will close to drift. Tomorrow is a Saturday. This evening Carol goes down the street and babysits Josie and Cora. Caleb and Emily are going out to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary.

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