the death of the Federalist Party

It is 2:16 PM Saturday afternoon in the ongoing death watch. I stand silently before the death bed of Reality and wait for the last sign of life.

It is another sunny day, but not unbearably hot. We had the house opened up this morning, but as the day processed we decided to shut the house up and turn on the central air system. Why suffer being over heated and sweating like a pig.

Right now Carol is sleeping. She got up this morning around 3:30 AM. Carol is still on the sleep pattern she was on when she worked full time.

Beth, Andy and grandchildren left this morning for their home out West. They drove in yesterday late afternoon from spending a week with Andy's clan up North/Michigan camping. We had take out pizza last night for dinner. Caleb came down and ate with us. Emily and the girls will be back I think this coming Monday. Emily and the girls have been camping with Emily's clan.

After the troops pulled out this morning Carol and I worked to get everything back in order. We did a ton of wash today! It is a blessing having clean sheets and towels. Think of the millions of people who have no clean bedding. I am thankful for a private bathroom. I am thankful for this house in the Wasteland. Who knows where we will be in a billion years from now.

Today I have only gotten around to reading some more of the novel, 'Mr. Sammler's Planet' By Saul Bellow. I did get in the mail today a slim paperback used titled, 'Parties and Politics in the Early Republic 1789-1815' By Morton Borden. I also left the house today to take old newspapers to be recycled at Bible's For Mexico Thrift store. After dumping the old newspapers I went into this thrift store to look at their used books-I found these three used books-'Excellent Women' A Novel by Barbara Pym, 'Fat City' A Novel by Leonard Gardner, and 'Churchill: Young Man In A Hurry-1874-1915' Biography By Ted Morgan.

Well I am tired and I suppose I will close to drift. Tomorrow is a Sunday, the beginning of a new week. We will be in the middle of the month of July 2020.

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