convinced that the extent of universal space does not destroy human value

It is 12:59 PM Friday afternoon in the death flow. It is not as hot this afternoon as yesterday. It rained during the night last night. Maybe it will rain this weekend. Rain is a blessing from the heavens. We all need rain. We all need clean water.

Carol just went down into the lower depths to take a nap. She got up this morning around 4 o'clock AM. Tonight we both sleep in the lower depths because Beth and her family come back this evening for a night. Tomorrow morning Beth, Andy, and the grandkids hit the road for their home out West.

I got up this morning around 6:37 AM. I got up did what I do every morning. I wrote in my paper diary and basically read throughout the morning from a novel titled, 'Mr. Sammler's Planet' A Novel By Saul Bellow. I did leave the house around 10 o'clock AM to fill up our old van with gas and visit thrift stores in search of used books to ADD to our library. I found these used books today-

'Still Life With Woodpecker' A Novel By Tom Robbins

'The Visible Man' A Novel By Chuck Klosterman

'A Tree Grows In Brooklyn' A Novel By Betty Smith

'My New American Life' A Novel By Francine Prose

'The Female Pen: Women Writers and Novelists 1621-1818' Literary Criticism/Biography By B. G. MacCarthy

When I got back from my wanderings I found Carol home about to eat food. She had her hair cut this morning. It has been seven weeks since her last hair cut.

Last night Carol went to bed early and I stayed up and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Bellow: A Biography' By James Atlas.

We did not get any mail this afternoon. I have already put away my paper diary for the day since there is nothing. Well I suppose I will close to drift.
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