I feel like screaming inside my head

It is 11:09 AM Wednesday morning here by Lake Michigan. It is another hot day. Once again it is too hot to go outside. So I am inside this house seeking to stay cool. I do not want to become over heated.

I am writing early in the day because I need to something to do to keep me falling into a coma. I have a low energy level. For me just the activity of existing I find exhausting. Carol also has been expressing feeling tired lately. Carol and I are two tired old people. Maybe we are tired of constantly living under the danger of getting COVID-19 plague? Right now Carol is not here, this morning she left around 9:20 AM for a Woman's Bible Study and then to go grocery shopping. She said she would be home sometime this afternoon.

This morning I have been writing in my paper diary and reading, 'Herzog' A Novel By Saul Bellow. I did get up this morning around 5:50 AM to get my blood drawn. I have my six month physical in August and my doctor wanted done on me lab work/check my blood. I was back from getting blood drawn out of me by 6:20 AM.

So existence goes by. Emily did drop the girls around 8:15 AM for us to watch as she did errands. Emily and the girls/Josie & Cora left this morning for a family gathering up in northern Michigan. Caleb plans to rent a car Friday and drive up north to join with them/Emily's clan gathering. We will watch their dog Ollie Friday through to next week Monday. Beth and Andy/Lou, Marn, & Jack come back this coming Friday and then leave for home early this coming Saturday morning. Everyone is on the go. Josiah and Hannah/Marika move the end of July to Lyden Washington.

Last night Carol went to bed early and I stayed up and read late into the night from a book titled, 'The Shadow in the Garden: A Biographer's Tale' memoir By James Atlas. I also read last night from a book titled, 'The Book of Disquiet' By Fernando Pessoa Edited and Translated by Richard Zenith.

Well I will close to drift and read from a book titled, 'Minima Moralia: Reflections From Damaged Life' By Theodor Adorno Translated from the German by E. F. N. Jephcott.

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