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The Age of Reason

It is 10:18 AM Tuesday morning in the death flow. It is another extremely hot day. We are in the month of July so hot weather is not unusual this time of year. I am sure those who are sun worshipers are enjoying these hot days.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I have only been up around four hours. It feels like I have been up for eternity. I am ready to go back to bed. So I got up and found Carol messing with her cell phone. She had been up since 4 o'clock AM this morning.

I have spent the morning doing the usual stuff like eating food, drinking coffee, messing with our main computer, writing in my paper diary and looking at my books. All I have been able to read this week is from a book titled, 'The Shadow in the Garden: A Biographer's Tale' By James Atlas.

Last night we watched television and Carol went to bed early. I stayed up and read late into the night. Now it is another day.

Carol meets friends for lunch this afternoon. I plan to just sit and doze today. Not in the mood to go anywhere in this hot weather. My old van does not have AC so it is too hot to drive around in. Carol's car has AC but she plans to use the car today. Plus I really do not want to go out into the dead American world today.

I will close to drift.

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