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Friday Reads

Friday Reads

'The Shadow in the Garden: A Biographer's Tale' memoir by James Altas

'Bellow: A Biography' By James Atlas

'Herzog' A Novel By Saul Bellow

'Delmore Schwartz: The Life Of An American Poet' biography by James Atlas

'In Dreams Begin Responsibilities And Other Stories' by Delmore Schwartz

'The Book of Disquiet' By Fernando Pessoa Edited and Translated by Richard Zenith

''Boswell;s Presumptuous Task: The Making of the Life of Dr. Johnson' By Adam Sisman

'An Honorable Englishman: The Life of Hugh Trevor-Roper' biography by Adam Sisman

'The Last Days Of Hitler' By H. R. Trevor-Roper [The definitive account of the disintegration and death of the 'Thousand-Year-Reich']

'The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age' By Leo Damrosch

'There is Simply Too Much To Think About: Collected Nonfiction ' By Saul Bellow Edited By Benjamin Taylor

'Letters' By Saul Bellow Edited By Benjamin Taylor

'The Changing Light At Sandover: A Poem' by James Merrill

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