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It is 5:27 PM Tuesday early evening. It is a very hot humid day. A day to roast in the Last Days of the sun.

Carol just left to get supplies for the troops. The troops left this afternoon to have a meal with friends in GR. Carol and I have been straightening up the shack since the troops left. The troops should be back by nightfall since the grandchildren go to bed early.

It has been a hectic day but I am doing OK in-spite of all the disruption. The Lord gives grace. I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. When I came up stairs everything was flying and the television was blasting. I wonder if children ever wake up in a state of silence? I love silence especially in the mornings. Why do children hate silence? Weird. Why do adults hate silence? So I got up greeted the family and got a glass of cold water. I sat in the dining room waking up. The plan this morning was to go to Deboer Bakkerij for breakfast. There was no sitting at Deboer so we ordered a ton of food and all drove back here to eat our morning feast. This feast also was a going away feast for Josiah, Hannah, and Marika that we planning to hit the road for Chicago at Noon, catch a plane for home Washington State at 3 o'clock PM Chicago National Airport. So we did that. Today Andy, Caleb, and Emily had to work. Cora went to daycare and Josie stayed with us so as play with her cousins.

I did leave the house for a short span of time to visit local thrift stores. Did not find any used books to add to our library. I was home by 11 o'clock AM. When I got home Carol, Bethany, and grandchildren were leaving to go over to Yonker's Greenhouse to buy fairies for the girls. They came back fast because Jack fell and skinned his knee.

I spent time in my main study reading, praying, and writing in my paper diary most of the afternoon. We must not waste time. Redeem the days for they are evil. So this day has gone by. This is the last day of June 2020. Tomorrow is July 1, 2020. We will soon all be dead.

The last books I attempted to read this evening was, 'Saul Bellow Letters' Edited By Benjamin Taylor. I won't go into what I read last night, because it does not matter. I will close to brush my teeth. Existence keeps decaying.

Josiah, Hannah, & Marika
Josiah, Marika, & Hannah

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