Tuesday Reads

Tuesday Reads

The Bible-The Book of Joshua

'Boswell's Presumptuous Task: The Making of Dr. Johnson' biography By Adam Sisman

'The Friendship: Wordsworth and Coleridge' biography By Adam Sisman

'Oliver Wendell Holmes: A Life, Law, and Ideas' By Stephen Budiansky

'The Autocract of The Breakfast-Table' essays By Oliver Wendell Holmes

'There Is Simply Too Much To Think About' Nonfiction by Saul Bellow Edited By Benjamin Taylor

'Letters' Saul Bellow Edited By Benjamin Taylor

'The Life Of Samuel Johnson' biography By James Boswell

'The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and Friends Who Shaped an Age' biography By Leo Damrosch

'Main Currents in American Thought: The Romantic Revolution in America, 1800-1860' Volume II by Vernon Louis Parrington

'Main Currents in American Thought: The Beginnings of Critical Realism in America, 1860-1920' Volume III By Vernon Louis Parrington

'V. L. Parrington Through the Avenue of Art' biography by H. Lark Hall

'Main Currents in American Thought: The Colonial Mind 1620-1800' Volume I By Vernon Louis Perrington
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Hello Jonny, so happy to hear that your enjoying having family around! It is always nice to catch up with family and especially with grandkids! i.am praying everyone arrives safely, and that Carol's retirement party and daughters birthday celebration are blessed. Your kids are about the same age as mine, thankfully my daughter and her family live in town so I get to see them on pretty regular basis, especially with me still being on a shelter in place order from my doctors, as my daughter shops for groceries for me. it hqs been super hot, even early in morning it is hot, we are supposed to hit highs at 105 this week. i will be shutting blinds, windows, and using air conditioning to survive. I placed a message on here for you, asking about commentaries on the book of Hebrews, with your internet issues and family your probably swamped but any help you can provide would be appreciated. Continue to stay safe and enjoy your family. Blessings always!

'God has Spoken in his Son: A biblical theology of Hebrews' by Peter T. O'Brien

'The Letter To The Hebrews' [The Pillar New Testament Commentary] by Peter O'Brien

'A Commentary On The Epistle To The Hebrews' by Philip Edgcumbe Hughes

'Exposition Of Hebrews' By A. W. Pink

'Hebrews' By John Brown

I have been wondering when you would write something in LJ. Hope all is well with you. Life around here is busy with our family visiting us. peace Jonny