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in the person of Christ the kingdom of God has come down to the earth

It is 2:50 PM Saturday afternoon. It is a sunny day. It is around 60 degrees this afternoon. There is a slight chill in the afternoon sunlight.

I just woke up from a doze. I was woke up by the noise of mail being placed inside our main box. Carol is taking a nap. I have to remind myself that Carol is retired and does not go off to work any longer. Before falling into a light doze I had been reading, 'Pietr the Latvian' The First Maigret Novel by George Simenon Translated by David Bellos.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. Carol had gotten up around 5 o'clock AM. I spent the morning doing the usual stuff like messing with our main computer, writing in my paper diary and reading. I read this morning for devotions, 'The Wonderful Works of God' by Herman Bavinck. Caleb dropped off Cora around 9 o'clock AM for us to watch while he did errands. Emily and Josie are gone visiting Emily's sister in another state. Emily and Josie will be back sometime this coming Monday evening.

So it has been usual day. Existence just floats by quietly. Last night Carol did not get home from a visitation and then hanging out with friends till 9:30 PM. I spent the evening reading from a book titled, 'The Collected Stories Of Machado De Assis' Translated by Margaret Jull Costa & Robin Patterson. Carol and I went to bed early.

While Carol was gone last night I filmed a video for my Youtube channel. Do not remember much else about last night.

Well, I suppose I will close.

wild flowers

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