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contemplation is a foretaste of the delights of heaven

It is 2:42 PM Friday afternoon. It is another warm humid day. It did rain for a brief span of time today. Right now it is hazy and damp outside.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. Carol was already up when I got up to face life in a world that will someday come to an End. I often find myself knowing one day when I am in the world to come I will remember my life here on earth. We will never forget our time on earth. We will remember our moment in the history of mankind. We will remember for example that we lived through a world wide Coronavirus Pandemic.

So I got up this morning. I got a glass of cold water to clear my throat of morning slime. Next I got a cup of coffee and then I decided to eat something for breakfast. After a morning meal I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my diary Carol and I talked and then prayed. After morning prayers Carol left to go grocery shopping.

While Carol was gone I read my Reformation Commentary on The Book of Joshua and also from a book titled, 'Soul Recreation: The Contemplative-Mystical Piety of Puritanism' by Tom Schwanda. This afternoon when not falling asleep I have been reading, 'Beatlebone' A Novel by Kevin Barry.

Last night I read late into the night from a book titled, 'And Their Children After Them 1936, 1986, 2019 The Legacy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Man" James Agee, Walker Evans, and the Rise and Fall of Cotton in the South' by Dale Maharidge & Michael S. Williamson.

I did mow our front and back lawn yesterday afternoon. I can't recall right now what else I did. Now I remember my wife and I watched another episode of the old TV show 'Colombo'. We went to bed and read around 10 o'clock PM. I read 'And Their Children After Them' till 11:30 PM.

Carol works the next three nights and she is done working/retired this coming Sunday. Because of my wife's retirement the hospital is putting on a tea and cake time for her. I am also sure her co-workers will give her a big pot-luck this coming Sunday night in light of her retiring from Nursing. It must be a blessing for my wife to look over a lifetime of hard work and know she worked for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. My wife worked in the role of a servant of Christ/expressing the love of God as a profession nurse/caring for the sick and the dying.

Well I will close to face the humidity and the coming night.



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