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we must bewail our unbelief

It is 10:50 AM Thursday morning. It is warm humid gray morning. It is predicted to rain today.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I got up and messed with our main computer. While messing with our main computer I ate a bowl of cereal. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and have been reading this morning from Volume 10 of 'The Works Of William Perkins'. Carol got home from work around 8:35 AM and went to bed around 10 o'clock AM. She is now off from work a couple nights. She now has only four shifts left to work before retirement. Carol has been emptying her locker at work and bring stuff home. Some of that stuff that was in her locker is over twenty years old. Time to move on. Next comes the grave. Our days are quickly over and then Eternity.

Last night I made a video and read mainly from a book titled, 'Building The Great Society: Inside Lyndon Johnson's White House' by Joshua Zeitz. Carol got up to get ready for work around 10 o'clock PM. She left for work around 11:45 PM and I went to bed soon after she left. Once again I slept poorly. Now it is another day during this horrible Coronavirus Pandemic. Everyday thousands are dying from this virus COVID-19. It is scary seeing millions of people ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks! People should be afraid of death and not take it lightly. For once one is dead there is no more opportunities to repent and believe the Gospel. The Day of Grace is no more.

I am thinking of mowing the lawn before it starts raining. Get this chore off my brain. Not much else to report so I will close to drift through another day.

he day, the dreadful day draws nigh,
When God in judgment shall appear,
Shall by His laws His people try,
And prove with scrutiny severe
The sinners settled on their lees,
And punish all that dwell at ease.

The men whose hearts deny His love,
His guardian love and righteous sway,
Who say Secure He sits above,
And lets us each pursue our way,
Nor will He e’er our deeds regard,
Or punish mortals, or reward.

On these the Lord His wrath shall show,
And give them to the Waster’s power,
Stir up the fierce invading foe,
Their goods and houses to devour:
Houses they shall for others build,
And sow, but never reap the field.

For lo! the Lord’s great day is near,
Is near, and swiftly hastens on;
The mighty men shall cry for fear
And anguish while His wrath comes down,
While God the sacred panic darts
And speaks in thunder to their hearts.

Who can that awful day declare?
A day of trouble and distress,
A day of raging, wasteful war,
Of darkness, clouds and gloominess,
A day to join th’embattled powers,
And storm the forts, and shake the towers.

The Lord shall bring a sudden snare,
The wicked by His judgments blind;
Because His utmost plagues they dare
They here their punishment shall find;
Their blood shall be as dust poured forth,
Their carcasses shall dung the earth.

Not all their treasures shall redeem
Their lives in that tremendous day,
When God’s great jealousy shall flame
Vindictive, and devour its prey,
The land where in their sins they dwell
Burn up—burn after them to hell.

Turn then to God, ye sinners, turn,
Let every heart at once relent;
The whole devoted nation mourn,
By general grief the curse prevent;
In penitential sorrow join,
And deprecate the wrath divine.

Repent before the dire decree
Bring forth the irrevocable doom;
Before the day as chaff ye see
Pass by, before the vengeance come;
Before the Lord let loose His ire,
And make you fuel to the fire.

Or if the wicked will not hear,
Ye humble souls that keep His Word,
Ye meek ones of the earth, revere,
And seek with double zeal your Lord;
Walk on in all His righteous ways,
And labor for the perfect grace.

It may be God, the God ye love
Will hide you in His anger’s day,
Far off from you the sword remove—
Or if it sweeps your lives away,
Your souls with swifter motion driv’n
Shall in a whirlwind fly to Heav’n.

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