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Our Enemy, the State

It is 11:36 AM late Thursday morning in the Year of the Plague. It is a good time to invest in property on the Moon.

It is a cold cloudy gray day. No Spring sunshine today here in West Michigan. It has turned cold and dreary. I have been thinking of taking a nap this morning. We had Cora and Josie over this morning for awhile. Carol just left to go back to their place so Cora could take her late morning nap.

I have spent most of the morning either writing in my paper diary or reading Volume 9 'The Works of William Perkins'. I am kind of out of it due to this COVID-19 Pandemic. All our days are a blur.

Last night Carol went to bed early and read from these books late into the night time hours, 'Before The Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus' by Rick Perlstein, 'Freak Kingdom: Hunter S. Thompson's Manic Ten-Year Crusade Against American Fascism' by Timothy Denevi, and 'The Betrayal of the American Right' by Murray N. Rothbard.

So existence goes by. Maybe something mind blowing will come in the mail today. I am not expecting anything in the mail these days. I can't go searching for used books to add to our library because all the thrift stores are closed. Our local library is still closed so I can't search for used books at the library used books store The Book Nook. Also to be honest I am sick of books. I have enough to read here at home till I am six feet under.

Well I am going to close since I am falling asleep.

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