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we see God by means of his own light

It is 1:52 PM Wednesday afternoon. It is a warm sunny day. It has been a normal day during this world wide Coronavirus Pandemic.

I got up this morning (another miracle) around 6:30 AM. Carol was up when I got up. I immediately fixed myself breakfast, Carol had already eaten a morning meal. After breakfast I made a fresh pot of coffee and messed with our main computer. Next I wrote in my paper diary and read most of the morning from a book titled, 'Life in Christ: Union with Christ and Twofold Grace in Calvin's Theology' by Mark A. Garcia.

Carol went to the local Farmer's Market this morning, things are starting to open up again. Experts are predicting around 70,000 thousand people to die this month from the virus here in the United States. Emily dropped off Cora and Josie this morning so she could do some errands. Tomorrow Carol babysit's Cora and Josie. She works Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Her last day to work is June the 7th 2020.

I did mow late this morning the back yard. I hope mowing the backyard did not re injure my right hand and right arm. Right now Carol is mowing our front yard. I am not into yard work.

In the mail today I received a couple of books, 'Backdrop for a Glorious Gospel: The Covenant of Works According to William Strong' by Thomas Parr, 'Seeing By The Light: Illumination in Augustine's and Barth's Reading of John' by Ike Miller and 'Joe Gould's Teeth' biography by Jill Lepore.

I have been this afternoon when not falling asleep reading,'Seeing By The Light: Illumination in Augustine's and Barth's Reading of John' by Ike Miller.

Last night we watched another episode of 'Colombo' and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. I mainly read yesterday, 'The Maze of Death' by Philip K. Dick.

Well I do not know what else to report during this awful deadly plague. All we can do is cry out for mercy.

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