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The April Showers Tag

--The Questions--
1. Listening to raindrops on the rooftop--where is your favorite place to curl up and read on a rainy day?

2. The smell of spring rain fills the air--name a book with rain or a storm on the cover.

3. Rain clouds in the distance--Name a book with a gray cover.

4. "April showers bring May flowers”--name a book with flowers prominently displayed on the cover.

5. Stormy night skies--What is the perfect thriller and/or horror book to read during a thunderstorm?

6. Partly Cloudy--name a book that made you sad but also happy/content at the same time.

7. Morning dew--feature a debut author that you think needs a shoutout.

8. Verdant grass--Recommend an old book that you think should be reprinted or given a new cover.

white-crowned sparrow

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