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The Penguin Classics Tag

1 Penguin Classics are the best reprint volumes in the whole world! How many do you currently own?

2 Penguins evolved roughly 70 million years ago - what’s your history with Penguin Classics?

3 The Penguin Classic logo is, of course, a penguin, the world’s most famous flightless bird. What’s a classic that just didn’t take flight for you?

4 The Emperor Penguin is the most recognizable species, but the Adelie is everybody’s favorite - what’s your favorite Penguin Classic?

5 Penguin Classics began in 1946 with EV Rieu’s translation of the Odyssey. What’s your favorite book from 1946, or the ‘40s in general?

6 Penguin Classics tries to enshrine the classics of literature - name some books you’d like to see enshrined!

Tag people! Who’s in your waddle?

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