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Monday Reads

Monday Reads

'The Georgetown Set: Friends and Rivals in Cold War Washington' by Gregg Herken

'The House Of Truth: A Washington Political Salon and the Foundations of American Liberalism' by Brad Snyder

'Walter Lippmann And The American Century' biography b Ronald Steel

'Deadline: A Memoir' by James Reston

'Brotherhood of the Bomb: The Tangled Lives And Loyalties Of Robert Oppenheimer. Ernest Lawrence, And Edward Teller' by Gregg Herken

'The Woman Who Borrowed Memories: Selected Stories' by Tove Jansson Translated from the Swedish by Thomas Teal & Silvester Massarella

'The Festival Of Insignificance' A Novel by Milan Kundera Translated from the French by Linda Asher

'Joshua, Judges, Ruth' Old Testament IV [Reformation Commentary On Scripture] Edited By N. Scott Amos

'No Falling Words: Expositions Of The Book Of Joshua' by Dale Ralph Davis

'Unity And Continuity In Covenantal Thought: A Study in the Reformed Tradition to the Westminster Assembly' by Andrew A. Woolsey

'Canon, Covenant and Christology: Rethinking Jesus and the Scriptures of Israel' by Matthew Barrett

'The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction To The New Testament' by G. K. Bealed & Benjamin L. Gladd

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