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power of the Godhead

It is 2:30 PM Monday afternoon here in West Michigan. A sunny day today. It is not warm though even though the sun is shining. One has to wear a coat if one decides to take a walk in our plague infested neighborhood.

It has been a typical day as we suffer through a world wide Coronavirus Pandemic. Michigan is under total lock down (except for places like grocery stores and gas stations). I have noticed though UPS trucks out and Amazon trucks buzzing around town. So this day has gone by. I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. I slept late because last night I took before going to bed a half Alprazolam pill, which put me right to sleep and leaves feeling drugged the next day. So I got up to find Carol on our main computer. I ate some food and then wrote in my paper diary. After Carol was done with the computer I messed with it for awhile. Next I went back to our dining room I read till late morning from Volume 9 of The Works of William Perkins. Around 11 o'clock AM I decided to take a walk at VanRaalte Farm County Park. The park was mostly empty, only came across to ladies walking in the woods. When I got home from my walk I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. Carol was working on a Woman's Bible Study on The Book of Genesis when I got home. She went to bed around 1 o'clock PM, she works tonight. I read for awhile and then took a nap. I woke up made a fresh pot of coffee and now I am writing in my online diaries. A pile of shit came in the mail this afternoon, nothing to cause one to cheer victory over death and the grave.

This afternoon I have been reading from a novel titled, 'Temptation' by Janos Szekely Translated By Mark Baczoni.

There is not much else to report. The plague rages and the American economy slowly rots.

VanRaalte Farm
VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm

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