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The Non-Fiction Book Tag Part 1

The Non-fiction Book Tag Part 1

1. What subject or area of non-fiction did you being with? Biography, Science, Economics, Archaeology, Anthropology, Math etc.etc.? Was there a specific event, person or book that set you on your path?


'The Exposition Of Hebrews' by A. W. Pink

'Temptation' a novel by Janos Szekely Translated By Mark Baczoni

'The Wonderful Works Of God: Instruction in the Christian Religion according to the Reformed Confession' by Herman Bavinck

Life Story

2. Where did you get your first books from to feed your new passion – was it a Library, borrow from friends/family or purchasing?Did you have any guidance from anyone?

3. Is your first love still the love of your non-fiction reading life or was it a gateway to other subject(s) that took over as number one?

4. Did you pursue any of your interests with formal education at University level? If so, what level did you finish and was it the experience you had hoped for and expected? Have you made it your profession?

5. If you have maintained that first interest all of your life do you feel you should have pursued other interest or subjects?

6. Are you now a specialist and read only within one area of non-fiction or do you branch out? Do you read fiction? If so, what genre do you turn to when you want something lighter/different to read?

7. If you are a specialist or not do you prefer academic studies, general works or scholarly but not overly academic?

8. Do you collect books in your area of interest(s),or do you read and pass the books on/sell or borrow almost exclusively from a library? If you do collect do you prefer hard cover or paperback? – Do they need to be first editions and in fine condition or are you happy with an ex-library copy and/or underlining in them?

9. Do you read/collect exclusively newer publications or do you enjoy reading what writers had to say on your subject in the past as well? What is the oldest book you have (either original edition or a reprint of an older work)?

10. What was the most you have ever paid for a book in your main area of interest? Was it new or used?

11. Tag away.

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