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the comfort of election

"We are convinced of this comfort of election even more when we remember that the counsel of God is a work of His mind not merely, but also of His will, is not a though merely which belongs to the realm of eternity but also an almighty power which realizes itself in time. So it is with all God's excellences and perfections: they are not passive, silent attributes, but are almighty powers, full of life and action. Every attribute is His being. When God is called the Righteous and the Holy, this implies that He reveals Himself as such also, and that He bears His justice in upon this world and the consciences of men and maintains it there. When He is called Love the implication is not merely that in Christ He looks upon us with approbation, but also that He manifests that love and pours it into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. When He calls Himself our Father, this carries with it also the implication that He regenerates us, adopts us as children, and by His Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are His children. When He makes Himself known as the Gracious and Merciful One, He does not merely say it, but demonstrates it also by in very fact forgiving our sins and comforting us in all afflictions. Just so, too, when Scripture speaks to us of the counsel of God, it thereby proclaims to us that God Himself executes that counsel and fully actualizes it. The counsel of redemption itself is a work of God in eternity, but as such it is also the principle, the motivating power, and the guarantee of the work of redemption in time. Therefore, regardless of what may happen with the world, with mankind, or with ourselves, the ever-wise counsel of God will forever stand and forever remain active. Nothing can ever deflect His high decision: it will remain from generation to generation. There is no ground whatsoever for discouragement or despair. Everything certainly shall be as God in His wisdom and love determined it. His almighty and gracious will is the guarantee of the redemption of mankind and the rescue of the world. In the great afflictions our hearts therefore remain at peace in the Lord." pg. 252 Herman Bavinck 'The Wonderful Works of God'

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