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the counsel of redemption

"In the second place, there is contained in the counsel of redemption the achievement of that whole salvation which God wants to grant to His elect. In the plan of redemption, not only persons who are to inherit eternal salvation are indicated, but the Mediator who will prepare this salvation for them is also pointed out. To this extent Christ Himself can be called the object of God's election. Naturally He can be called this not in the sense that He, like the members of His church, was elected to come up out of a condition of sin and misery into a state of redemption and salvation. But He can be called that in this other meaning that He who was the Mediator of the creation would also be the Mediator of the re-creation, and would bring it about entirely by His passion and death. That is why He is called the servant of the Lord, the elect of God (Isa. 42ff. and Matt.12:18). As Mediator He is subordinate to the Father and obedient to Him. He has a command and a work to fulfill which the Father has assigned to Him. And as the reward for His finished work He receives His own glory, the salvation of His people, and the highest might in heaven and on earth." Herman Bavinck pg. 249 'The Wonderful Works of God'

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