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Friday Reads

Friday Reads

'The Works of William Perkins' Volume 9

'A Treatise On Comforting Afflicted Consciences' by Robert Bolton (1572-1631)

'A Puritan Theology: Doctrine For Life' by Joel R. Beeke & Mark Jones

'The Death Of My Brother Abel' a novel by Gregor Von Rezzori Translated By Joachim Neugroschel

'Temptation' a novel by Janos Szekely Translated By Mark Baczoni

'Diary' Witold Gombrowicz Translated By Lillian Vallee Preface By Rita Gombrowicz

"[First] we must be like Him in faith. For as He, when He apprehended the wrath of God, and the very pangs of hell were upon Him, wholly stayed Himself upon the aid, help, protection, and good pleasure of His Father, even to the last, so we must by a true and lively faith depend wholly on God's mercy in Christ (as it were) with both in our hands in peace, trouble, life, and in the very pangs of death. And we must not in any way let our hold go, [even] though we should feel ourselves descend to hell." William Perkins pg.12,13 'The Works of William Perkins' Vol. 9

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