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the original earth was void

It is 11:21 AM late Tuesday morning on the last day of March 2020. Tomorrow will be April the 1st 2020. What will April 2020 be like in the history of the world/mankind. Will this Pandemic slow down and in time disappear?

I got up this morning around 6:20 AM. I have spent the morning writing in my paper diary and reading my books. Right now I am reading from a book titled, 'Our Reasonable Faith: A Survey Of Christian Doctrine' by Herman Bavinck Translated by Henry Zylstra.

Carol is sleeping presently, she said this morning that the hospital was not busy. All we do is see if in the next two weeks the Coronavirus hits us here in West Michigan. Carol is now off eight nights from work so I do not have to worry about her getting exposed to COVID-19 at the hospital.

These days are extremely quiet since we are in shut down mode. I am afraid to leave the house and also all the thrift stores are closed. so I can't go searching for used books to add to our library.

Last night I mopped the floors, read from a novel titled, 'A Novel Bookstore' by Laurence Cosse, and filmed a video for my Youtube channel. I went to bed around 11:10 PM but did not fall asleep till sometime after Midnight.

Well I suppose I will close to drift into the afternoon hours. I will continue to read this afternoon the novel, 'A Novel Bookstore'.
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