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The Free Speech Movement

It is 7:33 PM Saturday evening here in West Michigan. It has been another super quiet day for us. We are waiting it out. Thus far no evidence near us of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We keep waiting for our local Holland Hospital to be overflowing with people sick from Coronavirus. Everything is shut down here. We have noticed more people walking in our neighborhood.

I came here tonight just list the books I have been looking at today when not falling asleep.

'Shaky Ground: The Sixties And Its Aftershocks' by Alice Echols

'The Timothy Leary Project: Inside the Great Counterculture Experiment' by Jennifer Ulrich Foreword by Zach Leary

'Child Of Light: A Biography Of Robert Stone' by Madison Smartt Bell

'Acid Christ: Ken Kesey, LSD, and The Politics of Ecstasy' by Mark Christensen

'Storming Heaven: LSD And The American Dream' by Jay Stevens

'Outside Looking In' a novel by T.C. Boyle

'Divine Rascal: On the Trail of LSD's Cosmic Courier, Michael Hollingshead' biography by Andy Roberts

'Bear: The Life and Times of Augustus Owsley Stanley III' biography by Robert Greenfield

'Can't Find My Way Home: America In The Great Stoned Age, 1945-2000' by Martin Torgoff

'Bop Apocalypse: Jazz, Race, The Beats, & Drugs' by Martin Torgoff

So the evening hours go by. I expect to go to bed early tonight since I stayed up way too late last night. Tomorrow is a Sunday and the beginning of the last days of March 2020. This week we enter April 2020. Maybe in the month of April West Michigan we see the full effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I will close to drift into the darkness.

photos of an old tree at VanRaalte Farm County Park
VanRaalte Farm County Park

VanRaalte Farm County Park

VanRaalte Farm County Park

VanRaalte Farm County Park

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