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we were tracing cosmic rays

It is 10:13 AM Wednesday morning here in West Michigan. It is a cold gray day. No evidence of Spring approaching today.

I got up this morning around 5:16 AM and fixed myself a big breakfast. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and then decided to go back to bed around 7 o'clock AM. I slept till 10 o'clock AM and got up face COVID-19 Pandemic. All I have read this morning is the new biography on the life of the American writer Robert Stone 'Child Of Light: A Biography Of Robert Stone' by Madison Smartt Bell.

Last night we watched a taped television show and Carol went to bed. I stayed up to watch videos in Booktube and read 'Child Of Light: A Biography Of Robert Stone' by Madison Smartt Bell.

There is not much else to report this morning. Carol is about to go for a walk around our neighborhood. Josie might come over this afternoon. The other day we found out our daughter Beth is pregnant with their fourth child. We are now the Grandparents of seven grandchildren.

Well I suppose I will close to drift through this day.

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