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the grand story line of redemption

It is 10:31 AM Saturday morning here in West Michigan. It is a cold gray day. I do not know when we will see sunshine again. Maybe tomorrow we will have sunshine.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I got up I drank a glass of apple cider and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and ate breakfast. Carol got home from work around 9 o'clock AM and soon went to bed.

There is not much else to report this morning. I am still not in the mood to read books during the morning hours. I did look at this morning for a few minutes from a book titled, 'The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction To The New Testament' by G.K. Beale & Benjamin L. Gladd.

I plan to lay low today. Do not plan to leave the house this weekend.

Last night I filmed a video for my Youtube channel and messed with our main computer. I do not remember reading anything last night. I did bring up this book out of the lower level last night to look at, 'The Collected Stories Of Machado De Assis' Translated By Margaret Jull Costa & Robin Patterson. I learned last night that Penguin is reprinting Machado De Assis's novel, 'The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas'. I pre-ordered this novel 'The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas' by Machado De Assis.

I will close to drift through the day.

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