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Destroyer - Cue Synthesizer

Did you realize it was hollow?
Like everything that's come before, you are gone
The idiot dissonant roar
That exquisite gong struck dumb
Cue synthesizer
Cue guitar
Bring in the drums
Cue fake drums
The idea of the world is no good

The terrain is no good
The sea's blasted poem
A twinkle in the guitar player's eye
Cue synthesizer
Cue guitar

Cue synthesizer
Wherever you are
Open door policy on not a goddamn thing in the night
Death threats scrawled in invisible ink's alright
Been to America, been to Europe, it's the same shit
Went to America went to Europe, it's all the same shit
I look around the room, I see a room of pit ponies
Drowning forever in a sea of love
I look…

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