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The Sex in Literature Tag


1. What is a book you have read that comes close to crossing the line between Literature/ Adult Fiction and Pornography?
I think when sex is depicted in a work of literature it becomes pornographic when it has no purpose to incite lust or other base desires. When sex is portrayed in a work of literature it should come across as natural to the story or the work of literature either a poem or graphic novel.

2. What is a book you have read with a cringe worthy depiction or discussion of sex? The only work of literature I can think of when it comes to descriptions of sex that made me feel uncomfortable were the writings of Marquis de Sade.

3. What's the most overrated book, with a reputation for being sexy, that you have read? What came to my mind was the novel 'Lady's Chatterley's Love' by D. H. Lawrence

4. What is your favorite passage from a book about or describing sex or a sexual situation? I recently read a novel by Tom Robbins titled 'Another Roadside Attraction' that is a wonderful sexual situation.

5. What is a book you have recently read that you think handles descriptions/ discussions of sex well? All I can come with is the sex depicted in the novel 'Wolf' by Jim Harrison.

6. What are some books that contain positive and frank depictions of sexual relationships between LGBTQ+ characters? I am not familiar with Gay Lit. The last book I read that contained scenes of sexual relations between Gay characters was 'Mislaid' a novel by Nell Zink.

7. What do think is the best way of depicting sex in literature/ fiction? I think the best way of depicting sex or love making in a work of literature is make it come across as natural. Humans being have sex, it is what most of us experience as we live out our days. Sex is wonderful and mystical.

8. Tag some people who you think can handle it.

Below is a comment I wrote in a Booktuber's video devoted to this tag-

"I have found this tag interesting and do not know how I would answer these questions. The last thing I read under the description of sex in literature was a long story by Harold Brodkey titled 'Innocence' in his book 'Stories In An Almost Classical Mode'. I could list many novels that have sex scenes in them, some sparse and some graphic. The Bible is filled with sex. Think of the Song of Solomon found in the Old Testament . Think of the Romantic poets. The Beats. I am sure there is sex in the novels of Updike, Roth, and Bellows. I do not know about Gay Lit when it comes to sex. I do know Allen Ginsberg wrote some very graphic poems describing homosexual sex. I think of all the novels with the theme of love gained and love lost. I know there is sex in the novels of Joyce Carol Oates. How can one write a novel that takes place in time and space without somewhere there being love-sex? Or the longing for physical union with the other. Even the mystics of described union with God "Bridal mysticism". It is an interesting subject sex in literature. Always find your videos interesting."

The response to my comment was-
"thank you Jonny. One I forgot to mention was William Gass's "Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife", where the seductive wife directly addresses the reader as both woman and text, seducing the reader to want to read. It's rather good."

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