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mystical union with Christ is at the heart of the Christian faith

It is 2:23 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is another cold gray day. It is not snowing yet. I expect the snow to fall anytime today or at least during the night time hours. I comfort myself realizing we are getting closer to the end of another Winter season. The seasons come and go, which is a blessing.

I have had a normal day thus far. It has been one of those days I feel like I am in a mental fog. I also keep falling asleep today.

Tonight Carol goes back to work, so she is sleeping this afternoon. It is a quiet day just walking around in a fog waiting for the day to come to a close.

I basically wrote in my paper diary and read 'Reformed Ethics' by Herman Bavinck till 12:20 PM. Carol left this morning for her Physical Therapy session and then to go grocery shopping. When she got home I was still sitting at our dining room table reading Herman Bavinck's 'Reformed Ethics'.

I left this afternoon for awhile to drive our to Bibles For Mexico to unload bags of old newspapers to be recycled. After unloading the old newspapers I went into the store to look at their used books. I only found one old used paperback today to add to our library, 'The Bird's Nest' horror fantasy by Shirley Jackson.

I suppose I will close to doze. I might read some William Perkins this afternoon. I got a ton of stuff to read. Existence keeps decaying.

I should mention that Caleb, Emily, Cora, and Ollie stopped by yesterday evening to get Ollie's crate. We gave Cora her birthday card that we forgot to give her at her birthday party last week. Josie was not with them, because she was still with Emily's parents. Emily's parent's drove down today for a visit and Josie was with them.

Carol & Cora
Carol & Cora

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