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Second Round Tome Tag

'Freud-Darkness in the Midst of Vision' a biography by Louis Breger

'The Jung Cult-Origins Of A Charismatic Movement' by Richard Noll

'Cassandra's Daughter: A History of Psychoanalysis' by Joseph Schwartz

'Analyzing Freud: Letters of H.D., Bryher, And Their Circle' Edited By Susan Stanford Friedman

'Old Mortality' a novel by Sir Walter Scott

'Catriona' a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

'Careless Love-The Unmaking Of Elvis Presley' biography by Peter Guralnick (we already had the first volume in this two volume biography of Elvis Presley 'Last Train To Memphis')

'The Man Who was Thursday' a novel by G. K. Chesterton

'A House Full Of Daughter: A Memoir Of Seven Generations' by Juliet Nicolson (we already have in our library another book by Juliet Nicolson titled, 'The Great Silence: Britain from the Shadow of the First World War to the Dawn of the Jazz Age')

'Anthem' a novel by Ayn Rand

'Stringer-A Reporter's Journey In The Congo' travel memoir by Anjan Sundaram

'A Book Of American Martyrs' a novel by Joyce Carol Oates

'Barchester Towers' a novel by Anthony Trollope

'The Duke's Children' a novel Anthony Trollope

'The Makioka Sisters' Japan's greatest post-war novel By Junchiro Tanizaki Translated from the Japanese by Edward G. Seidensticker

'The Thirst' Crime Fiction by Jo Nesbo Translated from the Norwegian by Neil Smith

'London A Social History' by Roy Porter

'Then And Now' A Novel Of The Renaissance by W. Somerset Maugham

'The Queen's House: A Social History Of Buckingham Palace' by Edna Healey

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