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Superbowl 54

It is 5:57 PM Sunday evening here in West Michigan. I want to write down a list of used books I bought today at our local Goodwill Thrift Store. Today I had to go out and pick up a prescription and while out I stopped at a Goodwill store to look at their used books. Here is a list of the used books I bought today for our library-

'A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis' by Sigmund Freud

'Pieces' Poems by Robert Creeley

'Crows Over A Whitefield' A Novel by Paula Sharp

'Siddhartha' a novel by Hermann Hesse

'All Soul's Rising' historical fiction by Madison Smartt Bell

'The Day The World Ended At Little Bighorn' a Lakota history by Joseph M. Marshall III

'Remote Country Of Women' a novel by Bai Hua Translated from the Chinese by Qinqyun Wu & Thomas O. Beebee

'The Rain Before It Falls' a novel by Jonathan Coe

I have had a normal day. This afternoon while searching for a book I damaged my right arm. Right now I am in extreme pain in my right arm. I am getting old and my body is quickly falling apart.

I will close to watch the Superbowl 54 football game.

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