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must take Christ and apply Him unto the soul and conscience

"Section 3
The second thing to be done for the attaining of God's favor, and consequently of salvation, is to believe in Christ. In the practice of a Christian life, the duties of humiliation and faith cannot be severed, yet for doctrine's sake I distinguish them. In faith there are two things required and to be performed on our behalf. First, to know the points of religion, and namely the sum of the gospel, especially the promise of righteousness and eternal life by Christ. Second, to apprehend and apply the promise, and withal the thing promised, which is Christ, unto ourselves. And this is done when a man, upon the commandment of God, sets down this with himself, that Christ and His merits belong unto him in particular, and that Christ is his wisdom, justification, sanctification, and redemption. This doctrine is plain out of John 6, for Christ is there propounded unto us as the bread and water of life. Therefore, faith must not be idle in the brain, but must take Christ and apply Him unto the soul and conscience, even as meat is eaten." William Perkins pg. 145, 146 'The First Book of the Cases of Conscience' THE WORKS OF WILLIAM PERKINS Volume 8

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