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The Top Ten Nonfiction Books Tag

In Booktube there is tag going around called The Top Ten Nonfiction Books Tag that I plan to do soon. Right now I am thinking of what ten nonfiction books are my favorites. I have many nonfiction books that I could list as my favorites, but I need to limit myself to just ten. I plan to dig out ten nonfiction books soon and then film a video showing those ten books.

These are the ten nonfiction books I decided to show in a future Youtube video-

1. 'Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness' by Evelyn Underhill

2. 'The Doctrine of God' by Herman Bavinck Translated By William Hendriksen

3. The Religious Affections' by Jonathan Edwards

4. 'A History of Christianity' by Paul Johnson

5. 'A Religious History Of The American People' by Sydney E. Ahlstrom

6. 'The True And Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics' by Christopher Lasch

7. 'Anti-Intellectualism In American Life' by Richard Hofstadter

8. 'The Feminization Of American Culture' by Ann Douglas

9. 'No Place Of Grace: Antimodernism And The Transformation Of American Culture 1880-1920' by Jackson Lears

10. 'The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience" by R.E.L. Masters & Jean Houston, Ph.D.

I have many favorite nonfiction books, but these ten are ones I have often picked up over the years to reread or to just read portions of when I am in the mood to ponder existence in this dead American world.

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