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ignorance of God's Word is a dangerous thing

"Lastly, we learn here that ignorance of God's Word is a dangerous thing, and makes the life of man to abound, yea to flow with a sea of offences against God. Men commonly think that if they keep themselves from perjury, blasphemy, murder, theft, and whoredom, all is well with them. But the truth is that so long as they live in ignorance, they want right and true direction of conscience out of God's Word, and therefore their best actions are sins, even their eating and drinking, sleeping and waking, buying an selling, speech and silence, yea their praying and serving God. For they do these actions either of custom or example or necessity, as beasts do, and not of faith; because they know not God's will touching things to be done or left undone. The consideration of this point should make every man most careful to seek for knowledge of God's Word, and daily to increase in it, that he may in all his affairs have God's law to be the men of his counsel (Ps. 119:24), that he may give heed to them as to a light shining in a dark place (2 Peter 1:19), that he may say with Peter, when Christ commanded him to launch forth into the deep, and cast forth his net: "Lord we have been all night, and have catched nothing, yet in thy word will I let down my net" (Luke 5:5)." William Perkins pg.55 'The Works of William Perkins" Vol. 8

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