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more used books recently added to our library

more used books recently added to our library

'The Europeans: Three Lives And The Making Of A Cosmopolitan Culture' by Orlando Figes

'The Works of William Perkins' Volume 8

'Theoretical-Practical Theology: Prolegomena' Volume 1 by Petrus Van Mastricht Translated By Tood M. Rester Edited By Joel R. Beeke

'Theoretical-Practical Theology: Faith in the Triune God' Volume 2 by Petrus Van Mastricht Translated By Todd M. Rester

'Leni: The Life And Work Of Leni Riefenstahl' biography by Steven Back

'The Real Wallis Simpson' A New History of the American Divorcee Who Became the Duchness of Windsor biography by Anna Pasternak

'Lincoln a foreigner's quest' biography by Jan Morris

'Presidio' a novel by Randy Kennedy

'The American' a novel by Henry James

'The Book Class' a novel by Louis Auchincloss

'The Speckled People' A Memoir by Hugo Hamilton

'Maia' a novel by Richard Adams

'The Idea of Perfection' a novel by Kate Grenville

'Fludd' a novel by Hilary Mantel

'Washington Black' a novel by Esi Edngyan

'The Eyre Affair' a novel by Josper Fforde

'The Healing' a novel by Jonathan Odell

'Consumption' a novel by Kevin Patterson

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