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taste of the ways of God

"Many have the pleasures of the flesh and their consciences struggling together; and many times the pleasures of the flesh and conscience struggle a great while before there is a victory on either side. Sometimes conscience gets the victory, and there is a gracious work upon the soul, especially if God sets on conscience by some great affliction or sickness. Sometimes conscience is overcome, though conscience propounds a better way, and they see, and are convinced of it; yet at length lust overcomes, conscience yields, and they become mere drunkards, hardened in the way of the lusts of their hearts-and this is most dreadful thing, whenever this befalls any.

5. Again, there are others who have had some taste of the ways of God, have begun to make a choice, and have tried the ways of religion, and continued a while in them, and yet come to be weary and tired. Yea, it may be come upon their sickbeds and deathbeds, have cried out of the folly of their choice; and yet, when God has delivered them again, they have gone on in the same excess of riot, and giving liberty to the satisfying of the flesh in the same way, if not in a further degree than ever formerly. What a dreadful thing is this! To all those who are thus deluded in making this evil choice, let me speak a word or two.

First, would you be willing at the day of judgment to be accused and found guilty before the Lord of this, that you esteemed more pleasure to be had, either in sin or in any lawful content, than in all the pleasures that are to be had in God, so as it should be said before men and angels, "Lo! This is the man who did not make God his portion. Lo! Here stands the man who for many years together accounted more good to be had in the pleasures of the flesh than in all the good that was to be enjoyed in all the attributes of God, and all the merits of Jesus Christ, in all the promises of life, in all the ways of grace." What do you think will be your condition when you shall be brought as guilty before men and angels, who all shall look upon upon you as a cursed fool in Israel; when you shall be brought to have the world look upon you as guilty of such a cursed folly as this. How bitter will it be to you? Would you be willing to be in such a condition?" Jeremiah Burroughs pg. 154,155 'Moses's Choice'

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