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the evil of an ill choice discovered

"Oh, now beneath is this to the true excellence of a rational and immortal soul! What pity it is that an immortal reasonable soul should be of no other use than to keep the body alive and to taste the sweet of the flesh of beasts, and of the fruit of the earth? How many draw all their substance through their throats and their belly? Their houses, lands, yea, and devour their posterity like cannibals. When men in company spend their estates, their wives and children wanting bread at home, what do they but even drink the very blood of their wives and children? It was the profaneness of Esau, for which God had branded him, that he sold his birthright for a mess of pottage; yet that was in the time of extreme hunger. These men sell God and heaven and all for drink, not to satisfy thirst, but their lust.

But O you vain man, know that you are utterly mistaken in your choice if you continue in this way of yours, that you have chosen to satisfy your flesh in, you are undone forever. You will ere long cry out of this choice most bitterly, and curse yourself for it most fearfully. It is a seduced heart that has deceived you, and you feed upon ashes, and you cannot say, "Is there not a lie in my right hand?" (Isaiah 44:20). It is true not only of idolaters, but of all other ways of evil. You feed upon ashes; they are but ashes you feed upon and delight in; and it is a seduced heart that has turned you aside from the ways of God, that makes you offended at them. It is the god of this world that has blinded your eyes so that you should not see the glorious excellencies, beautiful pleasures, and sweet delights that are in the ways of God, but that you should please yourself in those ways that tend to death. What has the whole course of your life been but playing with the devil's bait, under which is a hook that will snatch you into the sorrows of eternal death? However those who live in jollity and delight in the flesh may bless themselves, yet God's people whose eyes God has opened would not be in their condition one quarter of an hour for a thousand worlds" pg. 147,148 Jeremiah Burroughs 'Moses Choice'

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