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the example of Christ

"Rule 11. Last, set much before you the example of Christ and God's people, who have endured very hard bthings.

First, in the example of Christ, consider who it was that suffered: It was the Son of God, who was God blessed forever, the glory of the Father. When we suffer, base worms, worthy to be trodden under foot, suffer.

Second, consider what he suffered, even the wrath of God and the curse of the Law. He was made a curse in the abstract, as the Scripture speaks, which was another manner of thing than any of our afflictions.

Third, consider for whom He suffered. It was for us vile worms, wretched sinful creatures who were enemies to Him. We suffer for God, who is infinitely blessed, to whom we owe all we are or have.

Fourth, consider how freely He suffered. It was of His own accord. His own free grace moved Him to it. He laid down His life, and none could take it from Him. It is not in our liberty whether we will suffer or not; we are under the power of another.

Fifth, consider how meekly He suffered. He was a sheep before the shearer. His suffering in no way disquieted His spirit, but it kept in a sweet quiet frame in the midst of all.

Sixth, consider how His strength is with you in your sufferings.

Seventh, and last, consider how He is honored in them. He strives with us in the combat. He joins with us in the fight of our agony. He crowns and is crowned, said Cyprian.

Bernard would have us never to let go out of our minds the thoughts of a crucified Christ. "Let these," said he, "be meat and drink unto you; let them be your sweetness and consolation, your honey and desire, your reading and your meditation, your contemplation, your life, death and resurrection."" pg. 82,83 Jeremiah Burroughs 'Moses' Choice

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