Christ precious as a tree of life

"Every bird can sing in fair sunshine weather, but here is the power of grace-not to be offended in Christ's sufferings. "Blessed are they who are not offended in Me," said Christ. To desire to know nothing but Christ and His crucified; to embrace Christ in His rags, in His poverty, in His shame, in His afflictions and sorrows-this argues a power of grace indeed. It argues the power of love, that much water cannot quench it. It is a note that Josephus had, writing the history of the time of Christ. "At that time," said he, "Jesus, a wise man, did many miracles, and although He was condemned to the cross, yet did not those that followed Him from the beginning forebear to love Him, notwithstanding the ignominy of His death." He noted it as an argument of great love in His followers, as it was indeed, that they did not forbear to love, notwithstanding His ignominious death. As it is a sign our love for sin is strong when we have many afflictions to quench our love, when we meet with much trouble and opposition in a way of sin, and yet our love to it is not abated, so it argues our love for God, and godliness is very strong, when the greatest opposition cannot prevail against it. To account Christ precious as a tree of life, although we are fastened to Him as a stake to be burned, this is love indeed." pg. 48 Jeremiah Burroughs 'Moses Choice'
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