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the blessings of Abraham

It is 10:24 AM Saturday morning here in West Michigan. It is another cold dry sunny morning. I am once again thankful for dry weather, because I dislike snow weather immensely! I prefer Northern California weather or Mississippi weather than Michigan weather when it comes to the Winter Season. But we have to accept what the Creator God gives us. I am thankful that I am not living in Australia right now because that vast continent is on fire! I predict in the future there will be vast deserts throughout the earth. The planet Earth in the near future there will hardly be any trees or clean drinkable water.

This morning I got up around 7:15 AM. I am thankful I wake up not in the Fires of Hell. I live presently a blessed life and know it will not last forever. I must die and receive a final sentence/verdict. None of us can escape the Day of Judgment. Our lives are short and eternity is non-ending. I got up got a cold can of Spring Mountain water out a ice box and walked over to our main computer to see how the world was doing. I personally do not see Trump being impeached and seeing the Democrats eating crow. Our Government is corrupt and no one in power cares about justice. America is a lawless country.

After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and then read most of the morning from a book titled, 'Promise, Law, Faith: Covenant-Historical Reasoning in Galatians' by T. David Gordon. Carol got home from work around 8:40 AM and went to bed around 9:30 AM. So has gone by the morning hours. I plan to drift through the day. I am tired as usual. I will read my books and write in my diary throughout this day.

Last night I filmed another video for my Youtube channel and read from these two books, 'Out of Step: An Unquiet Life in the 20th Century' memoir by Sidney Hook and 'The Twilight Of The Intellectuals: Culture And Politics In The Era Of The Cold War' by Hilton Kramer. I went to bed around 11:25 PM last night. Now it is another day to wait for the Second Coming of Christ Jesus. There is no way of escape.

Carol works tonight and then she is off six nights (I think). Tomorrow night we celebrate Christmas with Caleb, Emily, Josie, Cora, and Ollie. Ollie will be us while Caleb, Emily, Josie, and Cora spent Christmas with Emily's family here in Michigan.

I will close to read and write.

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