Crooked Finger (crookedfingers) wrote,
Crooked Finger

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Greet Death "Crush"

Every single day I fantasize
Different ways my body could die
I would kill myself completely out of spite
Wouldn’t be around to watch my friends cry

And I don’t mind feeling lonely
Cause we cut ties, and you don’t owe me

But sometimes I wish you were in my life

Every single day I’m feeling so blue
Sit around the house with nothing to do
The voices in my room remind me of you
I just want to know what you’ve been up to

But I won’t call all your homies
Cause we don’t talk, and they don’t know me

I found love within myself
You found whatever in someone else
Threw away your pictures I smashed on the shelf
I only did it for my mental health
If I were a stranger on the street
Would you even look to recognize me?
And even if you did would you have a clue
That every single night I dream about you?

Every single night I dream about you

So I called to say I’m sorry
And I miss you, I wish you would call me

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