Friday Reads & Used Books Haul

'Out of Step: An Unquiet Life in the 20th Century' autobiography by Sidney Hook

'The Call Of The Weird: Travels in American Subcultures' travel book by Louis Theroux

'Dancing Fish And Ammonites: A Memoir' by Penelope Lively

'Prepare For Saints" Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thomson, and the Mainstreaming of American Modernism' by Steven Watson

'The Zone of Interest' A Novel by Martin Amis

'Rumpole a la Carte' by John Mortimer

'Martin Chuzzlewit' a Novel by Charles Dickens

'Sunset Part' a Novel by Paul Auster

'The Cattlemen' American West by Mari Sandoz

'Requiem For Harlem' a Novel by Henry Roth

'Of America East & West; Selections From The Writings Of Paul Horgan' With An Introduction By Henry Steele Commager

'Think. . .' a Novel by David Lodge

'Religion for Atheists: A Non-believers Guide to the Uses of Religion' by Alain de Botton

'Thomas Cromwell' biography by Tracy Borman

'The Rise of the Tudors: The Family That Changed English History' by Chris Skidmore

'Chances Are. . .' a novel by Richard Russo
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