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a man must advance to union with God's wisdom by unknowing rather than by knowing

It is 10:43 AM Tuesday morning here in West Michigan. Lately we have seen large chunks of land fall into Lake Michigan. Folks who have lived along the shore of Lake Michigan have seen their land and homes fall into Lake Michigan. To me it is weird seeing on the evening News land worth millions and millions of dollars falling into Lake Michigan. All that dirt was once valued millions of dollars and now just dirt at the bottom of a lake.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. Lately I have several very intense religious dreams. I think why I am having all these intense religious dreams is because I want to be saved and go to be with Lord Jesus when I die. I do not want to perish in my sins. I wake up each day thinking of Eternity.

Last week one of neighbors suddenly died at work. The fellow was my age and he had a heart attack and died. He never made it home after work. His loved ones buried him yesterday. I never really talked to this deceased neighbor, but seen him once in awhile outside by his house. He had just put new grass on their front lawn. Now this fellow is buried under a lawn of grass. I read in this fellow's obituary that he went to church. Of course many people go to church, but have no relationship with the Lord Jesus. I also read this fellow had kids and grandchildren, we never saw anyone at their house except them/he had been married to his wife for 46 years. We are all strangers. I think Carol talked to these folks more than me over the 28 years we have lived on this street.

This morning I have been reading, 'The Ascent of Mount Carmel' by St. John of the Cross. Carol went to bed around 10:15 AM. She is off tonight from work. She has her Book Club meeting tonight.

Last night I watched professional football and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Well I will close to drift and read Mystical Theology.

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